Watch Out for That 3D Optical Illusion on the Road!

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You're cruising down the road, nearing a school zone, when BAM! Out of nowhere, a little girl chasing her ball across the street appears. Your heart races, you slam on the brakes, and then her image dissolves. What?


Two Canadian safety organizations have partnered to install a $15,000 device that projects the likeness of a girl chasing a pink ball down the street onto a road in Vancouver, British Columbia. She's seen most clearly at a distance of 30 meters (about 98 feet), looks like a blur from further away, and disappears up close.

The BCAA hopes it will remind drivers to "expect the unexpected", but it seems that it could just catch less-than-attentive drivers off guard, leading to accidents stemming from drivers trying to avoid this imaginary girl. []

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Great idea, or the greatest idea? I don't know what you're all bitching about, I think this'll be extremely effective and accomplish it's purpose without any conceivable repercussions to any actual humans.