Watch Sean Connery Explain Cryo-Sleep To The Most Obnoxious Kid Ever

Sean Connery brings a certain resigned, sad dignity to his performance as a broken man on the frontier in 1981's Outland. Except in this scene, where he has to talk to his son, the most annoying kid we've seen in ages, and explain the concept of cryogenic suspension.


I love how Connery's face just gets sadder and sadder throughout that scene. And the kid totally brings the "early 80s cereal commercial" sensibility to discussing the concept of interstellar travel. As the original Youtube poster puts it, "This kid makes Jake Lloyd look like Anthony Hopkins." There's also some speculation that the kid is British but they dubbed him with an American voice, for god knows what reason.

To make up for it, here's a truly awesome down-and-dirty fight scene from Outland:



Outland is one of the great underrated scifi films — everyone should check this out; it's like an unofficial setting-sequel to Alien, and as a bonus, has the best foot chase I've ever seen.