Watch The Dark Knight Blu-ray with Christopher Nolan

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Warner Bros has been trying some pretty cool, experimental stuff with their first BD Live movie, The Dark Knight. And now, that list includes watching the movie with Christopher Nolan.


Those with The Dark Knight Blu-ray who've registered for Warner Bros' free Blu-ray accounts have the opportunity to watch the film in sync with director Christopher Nolan while he answers questions and gives us that commentary we were so missing from the BD's otherwise excellent extra features.


Slated for December 18th at 6PM Pacific, the community screening is open to the first 100,000 people who respond. But since Jason and I already RSVPd, that only leaves 99,998 spots left. Suckers.

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Guy Whitey Corngood

So if you registered, let's say...immediately upon reading this post 15 minutes ago, will you still get that invite email? Or have 100,000 jerks already beaten me to the punch?