Watch The Thrilling Conclusion of the Dyson/Mitsubishi Hand-Dryer Battlemodo

Click to viewIt was a hard-fought battle between two worthy adversaries, but in the end, there could be only one. Was it the ninja's pick, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel? Or was it the choice of soccer hooligans everywhere, Dyson's upstart Airblade? Watch as NYC intern Benny and I let a group of people with wet hands pick the dryer that blows the most. –Video by Richard Blakeley


@pagercam: I second this. I love Dyson and all his works, but this needs to be tested fairly to ensure that handedness doesn't matter.

In fact, a rig should be constructed with linear actuators attached to some identical hands made of ballistics gel. Yes, I watch too much MythBusters, but it would ensure that technique, brand, styling, positioning, and handedness would all be irrelivant.

I'd still bet on the Dyson, personally, but I wouldn't count on a large spread in the points.