Watch The Trump Brats (and Other Scenes From the Campaign Trail) In Virtual Reality

The Presidential Horse Race is a uniquely American spectacle, but unless you live in one of the (sparsely populated) early caucus states, you probably haven’t gotten to experience it first hand. Well, if you’ve missing your chance to “Feel the Bern” in real life, at least know you can experience it virtually.

The New York Times’ latest VR doc takes you on the road with the big primary contenders: Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Virtual reality isn’t great for immersing yourself in everything, but if you want to know what it’s like to be at a campaign rally, “The Contenders” really puts you right in the thick of it.


Hear Bernie Sanders call out the Koch brothers; watch Ted Cruz make make breathy entreat at an intimate rally; and of course, you get to see the Donald Trump media manipulation machine in action, complete with a performance by the ridiculous “Freedom Kids.”

You can view the 360 video doc using either a Google Cardboard, or just on the screen of you smartphone. Check it out. See the follies of American democracy in process!


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