Watch the visualization of a tech sound your kids will never know

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You know what's missing from technology these days? Sound. We have noises but no sound. We open our laptops and we're automatically connected to Wi-Fi. Our phones only squeak for alerts, they don't provide a soundtrack for the future. The old dial up modem handshake though? Now that was real sound. That was like hearing technology happen. This is what that sound looks like. This is something your kids will never know.

With today's tech sounds you never get the feeling that you're headed somewhere. Even old simple pleasures like pushing the cassette player and hearing it wind up to play are gone. This spectrogram by Scotty H, spotted on Reddit, shows the orchestra of pots and pans clanging and bits moving and mouth gargling and teeth humming and phone line running that was connecting to the Internet with a dial up modem. It's like seeing a wave of nostalgia.