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Watch the World’s Biggest Wooden Yo-Yo Do a Trick in the Desert

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Would you like to see the world's largest wooden yo-yo attempt a trick in the desert? Of course you would! Six feet in diameter, made from the boards of an old deck and big and heavy enough to require a crane. Yep, that'll do the trick.

Benjamin Moore organized the stunt to promo a new kind of outdoor stain, and presumably picked the backdrop to show that the treated material could withstand a little weather wear-and-tear. But they also did their homework.


A yo-yo pro suggested using the classic butterfly design, with the cord fixed to the axel. An engineer confirmed the oversized measurements made sense. The finished structure was set up for glory in the desert and now—now we're all ready to witness something rad.

It drops, and it falls until it reaches the end of the line, then it bounces back up again. And then it drops, and it bounces back up again. Tah-dah! I kept wondering why they were spending so much time recording the prep when it's like: "C'mon, let's go Around the World with this bad boy!" Well, the world's largest wooden yo-yo needs a world's largest human or gigantic super-robot to do the really cool stuff. But this throw down was smooth, and definitely more refined than the makeshift double-doggie-pool attempt from a few years back. Soundtrack-wise, though, they both need more Age of Aquarius.