Watch the world's largest cuttlefish battle for mating rights

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Nobody envies the sex life of a male Australian giant cuttlefish, also known as Sepia apama. The largest cuttlefish on Earth, these cephalopods typically mate only once in their lives and outnumber females 11 to 1 — which means they have to spit some serious game if they want to get any.

Among the larger, more dominant males, this involves flashing vibrant, undulating skin colors and duking it out with other males for spawning rights, as seen in this footage captured by underwater filmmaker Howard Hall. Hall recorded the clip on behalf of One World One Ocean, an ocean education and advocacy group led by filmmaker/surfer/diver Greg MacGillivray.


Check out more examples of giant cuttlefish mating rituals in the video below.

[One World One Ocean via Laughing Squid]