This is so great. Famous movies you know and love—like Citizen Kane, Blade Runner, The Shining and others—are re-imagined and re-told in the form of a 30 second animation movie trailer. So E.T. becomes a horror flick, The Big Lebowski is now a Kung Fu tale and Citizen Kane becomes a story about a Gross Butt and not Rosebud. It's fun as hell to watch these great films become jokey animation movie teasers. I'd watch all of these new animated versions.

All these newly animated old movies are part of a series called the "Trailer Project" by The Animation Workshop in Denmark. It's a student exercise where Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop are tasked to make their own animated movie trailers inspired from famous movies. They would be presented with a movie like Alien or The Graduate and have to do their own take on it with animation.


Some are pretty brilliant. You can see more here.

Here's Citizen Kane's search for Gross Butt:

The Shining moves to a scary boat:

Here is Alien:


The Graduate:

Blade Runner:

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