Watch These Puppets Explain Everything Worth Knowing About TV Ratings

You've heard of Nielsen ratings. You're pretty sure it involves a box. Heck, you even know what a "time-shift" is. But you have never, ever had the veil of ratings secrecy pulled back so completely. Or with so many puppets!


This quick explainer from JESS3 for ESPN is maybe the most thorough rundown of how ratings are determined I've seen, but more importantly: it's the cutest. It's Sesame Street meets SportsCenter meets a media nerd master class, which means it's just a few hot buttered biscuit away from being my dream weekend. [TWBE]



The way TV ratings are determined is a sham and does not in any way, shape or form even come close to what is being watched by the general public. I honestly can't believe that advertisers and TV networks still use Nielsen.

Actually now that I think about it those are the same people that cancel shows like Firefly and Arrested Development and push commercials like Geico and Free credit report that make you want to strangle someone every time you see them. So I guess I can see why they still use Nielsen. ... Duh ... nevermind...