Watch This Dancer Perform a Flawlessly Choreographed Routine With a Giant Robotic Arm

Taiwanese dancer Huang Yi also happens to be a talented engineer and inventor. The two disciplines don’t seem like they’d naturally go together, but Yi recently gave a TED Talk performance where he danced alongside a perfectly choreographed Kuka robotic arm that he programmed himself.


Humans already work alongside robots in factories and other industrial settings, but this performance by Yi is a reminder that robots will eventually be so commonplace we’ll interact with them as nonchalantly as we do with all the people we bustle past during our day-to-day routines. At the very least, this agile automaton proves that in the future no one will have to dance alone.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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I wonder if dancing turned into some dinner and a hand job back at his place.