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Watch This Robot Mouse Blow Through a Maze Faster Than You Can

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, this might not look impressive at first. The maze isn't that complicated. But imagine being the size of the robotic Micromouse—relatively, this is a human-sized hedge maze. Then imagine running to the finish in only five seconds.

Sure, the Micromouse needs to spend a few minutes studying its surroundings before it can process what it finds and solve the maze. But again, give it some credit—at no point does it have an overhead view of where the hell it is. It's lost in the maze. And it doesn't have eyeballs like you, lucky human. But once it gets its bearings—boom.x This little dude won first prize in a recent competition, and it's easy to see why. Feel ashamed, the next time you're in a maze. Ashamed! Or inspired. You choose. [BotJunkie]