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Watch this smooth stop motion Lego Pet Shop build

I feel like the Pet Shop (102185) is the most underrated of the Lego modular buildings. I have a few of these things gracing my modular building street and thought it was a wonderful build. This animated stop motion build by Alexsplanet shows just how fun it is to put this thing together.

Thankfully, you can still pick up Pet Shop (10218) at the Lego store for $149.99 until it retires, which should be pretty soon as it is next on the list to receive the boot when Detective's Office (10246) launches on January 1st.


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My daughters and I just put this together over Christmas break. First LEGO modular I've done and it was awesome. Gonna get the detective set next month.

Wish I would have been aware of these when the green grocer came out.

Only thing I missed was the studs on the bottom of the stairs on the first level.