Watch Tonight's Debate Between Trump and Biden on YouTube, Facebook, and More

President Donald Trump (left) and Democratic challenger Joe Biden (right)
President Donald Trump (left) and Democratic challenger Joe Biden (right)
Photo: Getty Images (left) Drew Angerer (right (Getty Images)

The first of three presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is being held today in Ohio starting at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT. And if you’re looking for livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and more, we’ve got you covered with the links below.

The debate is scheduled to last 90 minutes and will be hosted by Fox News journalist Chris Wallace on a “socially distanced” stage at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic. Roughly 80 people will be in attendance for some reason—an idiotic choice during a pandemic.

The topics that Wallace will cover tonight have already been released publicly and include the records of the two candidates, the Supreme Court, covid-19, the economy, the “integrity of the election,” and a curiously worded topic called “race and violence in our cities.”


Wallace does, after all, work for Fox News. They’ve gotta squeeze that racism in there somehow.


  • C-SPAN has a livestream on YouTube.
  • The Washington Post has a livestream on YouTube.
  • PBS Newshour has a livestream on YouTube.
  • ABC News has a livestream on YouTube.
  • CBS News has a livestream on YouTube.
  • NBC News has a livestream on YouTube.
  • And Telemundo has a livestream on YouTube in Spanish.


  • PBS Newshour has a livestream on Facebook.
  • ABC News has a livestream on Facebook.
  • And PBS Newshour has a livestream on Facebook.


If you want to watch the debate on the video game streaming platform Twitch, your only option is Donald Trump’s feed. Joe Biden’s campaign hasn’t set up a Twitch account and other news outlets like the Washington Post seem to have abandoned the service. WaPo joined Twitch a couple of years ago, but hasn’t livestreamed anything in over eight months.

Bernie Sanders was on Twitch and made great use of the platform during the primaries. But Biden is the Democratic candidate and it’d be great if his campaign realized there are plenty of voters on Twitch as well.


Reuters TV has options for watching the debate on devices like your iPad, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.


It’s unlikely that any of those “undecided voters” are tuning in to tonight’s debate to decide between these two men. The choice couldn’t be more stark, between Trump, a white supremacist, and Biden, not a white supremacist. If you’re still undecided at this point, you really haven’t been paying attention at all.


The debate is structured so that the moderator opens with a question and both Biden and Trump each get two minutes to respond. President Trump doesn’t like to allow other people to speak, so it should be interesting to see whether he’s able to keep his mouth shut for an entire two minutes at a time. After each candidate has had their two minutes, they’ll be able to respond to each other.

Best of luck and don’t drink too much alcohol if you decide to watch tonight’s debate. We know it’s tough out there, but alcohol poisoning is no joke.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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What is the point of the debate?

Biden will show up prepared for the topics, as he has a background in public speaking and debates.

Trump will just lie, obfuscate, and accuse Biden of various crimes Trump has actually committed (including possibly bestiality).

I have no need to see Trump insult my intelligence as he tries to lie his way through a debate.