A few months back, I wrote about Turbo, a USC graduate thesis shot for under $100K on a Red One camera that used some well-designed effects to capture one potential future of gaming. Now it's online for free.

My favorite guilty pleasure moments? The opening fight scene (the best one, imho) and a moment when the protagonist's head goes through a crane game.


Don't get me wrong, Turbo manages to cram all of Hollywood's cheesiest motifs into one 20-minute flick. But everything from the visual effects to the cinematography to the fight choreography look pretty freaking good for such a low budget action short. And hey, the plot is still better than any Mortal Kombat and/or Street Fighter movie yet produced.

And if you really dig it, Wonder Woman screenwriter Brent Strickland is shopping around a feature-length screenplay now. [Turbo]