My heart still flutters when I hear pretty much any part of Yann Tiersen's lilty, lovely soundtrack for Amélie from a few years back, and I always tell myself I'll catch up with his other work. Well, it's time. Just before the French musician released his new album Infinity, he performed a "secret" concert on the shores of Brittany, and it's an hour of windy, weathered beauty.


I haven't had a chance to listen to Infinity yet, but I put this al fresco show on in the background while working this afternoon and absolutely loved it; Tiersen flows in and out of pure instrumentals and harmonic vocals like a tidal back-and-forth. The sound quality is high enough to enjoy on its own as audio, but man, there's something about watching everyone all bundled up making melodic tunes with a stormy sea in the background that frames this just perfectly. Happy listening.