Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares would easily beat The Wolf Of Wall Street in a number-of-cusses-every-60-seconds contest. You get a generous serving of "bollocks", a side of "arse", and a dash of genitalia-related terms through the course of the show. This is an old gem that I discovered on Netflix last week and I've been pretty hooked since.

The idea is simple: British chef Gordon Ramsay travels through the country fixing its worst restaurants. The catch: he only has one week to turn each place around. In each case, Ramsay leaves no stone unturned to accomplish his goal. Filthy kitchens are scrubbed down, muddled menus are streamlined and cocky cooks are fired


Ramsay acts like an arrogant prick all through, but even in all that assholey-ness, he's delightfully entertaining. [Netflix]