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Watching Netflix on a 1995 Internet Connection Would've Required More Patience Than Any Human's Ever Had

The next time Netflix takes more than a couple of agonizing seconds to start streaming a movie, use that time to appreciate just how good you’ve got it.

In the latest episode of Wonders of the World Wide Web, Squirrel Monkey takes a fictitious look back at what the streaming service would have been like on a Windows PC in 1995—and it’s a downright nightmare. But as awful as having to wait over two days for a movie to cache with a 14.6 Kbps internet connection, that’s almost exactly what Netflix was like when it started in 1997.


Instead of streaming movies, however, you had to wait even longer for the post office to deliver the next DVDs in your queue. So, come to think of, I would have much preferred the 1995 version of Netflix, even if the data overage charges from my ISP would have bankrupted me.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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Then your bit$h of a mom would pick up the phone to make a phone call and start the process over.

Even when we matured enough to have DIVX and XVID, it still took days and nights to get the movies onto our machines. LAN parties were essential for illegal trade. Quakecon was heaven till cable internet came out.