Watching Samsung Torture Galaxy S4s Is Weirdly Satisfying

No matter how careful you try to be, you're going to do some damage to your phone. Accidents happen, especially when you try to avoid them. So to emulate your tender, loving care, Samsung took its Galaxy S4 through hell and back before it got to shelves. Somebody has to prepare that phone for you, you monster.


We've already seen how Samsung treats its SD cards, and the jort-wearing robot ass test, but that's just the beginning. This video from Samsung Tomorrow shows just how many drops, jostles, falls, drowings, and protracted sauna trips their phones have to take before they can head out into the real world. The really hard part is the emotional toll of hanging out with you all day.


Just kidding; I'm sure you're all lovely. [Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget]

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So can we get some confirmation on the extent that the S4 is "waterproof"? I am pleased to find out that it will continue to work if temporarily immersed, but I'd like to know what the limits/specs are on this.