Watching That Girl From The Ring Crawl Out of a TV in AR Just Ruined My Day

GIF: YouTube/Gizmodo

Augmented reality promises to deliver us a future in which we can simply look through our screens to magically transform the world around us. It also has the potential to really fuck your day up.


At least that was my experience after watching this reenactment of that iconic scene from The Ring where the ghost of a murdered girl crawls out of a TV screen. Programmer Abhishek Singh said he brought the scene to life using AR platform Unity.

Singh uploaded a video of the reenactment to YouTube on Wednesday. The ghoul is realistic—or at least realistic enough to completely freak me out. She is even seemingly able to follow the viewer around.

This type of use case signals a more hopeful, albeit horrifying, potential for augmented reality that, aside from Pokemon Go, has mostly resulted in undelivered promises and a hell of a lot of gimmicks.


So you’re telling me that the phone was able to detect that there was a wall there and have the model move around the corner, then have the shadows also bend along the wall?