Watching This Lego Figure Perpetually Mow Its Lawn Is the Most Relaxing Thing

GIF: YouTube

A few years ago, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks created an animated Lego version of the tragic Greek figure, Sisyphus, perpetually pushing a giant boulder. Using the same building techniques, Allemann has created a modern version of that character, who now spends eternity perpetually mowing a lawn that will never stop growing.

The kinetic sculpture was inspired by a similar animated Lego lawnmower designed and built by Josh David, but Allemann’s version introduces an animated homeowner decked out in a tank top, short shorts, and knee-high white socks. The model seems to perfectly encapsulate life in suburbia—minus the unwelcome surprises left on your lawn by the neighbor’s dog.



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What is relaxing about watching a poor bastard who has to mow for eternity? It sounds like the myth of Sisyphus or Prometheus.