Using a combo of convex mirrors, choreographed projections, and strategic puffs of fog, the creative duo behind Seoul-based art and design studio Kimchi and Chips put together this brain-bending installation called Light Barrier. Stare too closely and you just might get transported to another dimension.

The trippy show took place earlier this month as part of the Nicola-Lenivets New Media Light Festival situated about 100 miles outside Moscow. The setting looks incredible (and just a wee-bit creepy): a series of digital installations dotted within miles of dense forests and natural landscape.

Even though the still shots look awesome, the vid is where shit gets real. Be sure to keep the sound on, as it definitely helps to set the mood; the slow start is a kind of hybrid of cyborg breaths, small waves lapping on a secluded shore, and ambient noises from the future and slowly amps up to something that sounds like it came from a Halloween B-side, until it gently eases into silence.

Yikes, right? But also whoa. It's all kinds of alien-intervention, horror-movie-setting, and drug-induced-journey-of-the-mind, and I like it (from the comfort of my sofa, because I am a softie and think I probably would have been scared to see this IRL in the dead of night). A step up from Tupac, perhaps, and a bit more complex than something you could DIY. Neat stuff. Now if you'll excuse me, it's dinnertime; I'll be crafting what I've just seen in my mashed potatoes.