Watch a Dead Tupac Perform As a Hologram at Coachella

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If you were curious as to how a dead Tupac and Nate Dogg were going to "perform" at Coachella, well, here it is. Not looking a day over 25, the digitally created Tupac Shakur hologram acknowledged the Coachella crowd and rapped two of his songs.

If you squint really hard (or get really high), it totally looks like Tupac had been re-incarnated to perform for a bunch of stoned out, scantily clad middle class kids. He started his brief set with a solo performance of Hail Mary and then was joined by Snoop on stage for the best two-man hip hop song ever, '2 of Amerika'z Most Wanted'. To be honest, he (or it) doesn't look that bad. It's still a little creepy but watch his performance in full up above. NSFW for language. [NME]