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Watching this video of a chef cooking massaged my senses with pleasure

Here's an entire series of ASMR videos featuring baking and cooking and prepping and opening packages and so forth. The chef makes vegan goods, which depending on your world view may shade what you think of the cooking, but there is no doubt: it is so very pleasurable to watch the food get made. It's like a soothing massage that tingles your ears all the way down to your spine.


All these videos are a part of Ryoya Takashima's cooking series on YouTube of vegan recipes.

Here's a chocolate cake:

Apple Tart:


Pistachio Ice Cream:


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Platypus Man

but there is no doubt: it is so very pleasurable to watch the food get made

Meh. I watched a little bit of one of the videos and I didn't see anything special. I mean, sure, the guy knows what he's doing and if you like cooking it's pretty cool I guess, but I thought they were more boring without being terribly useful. And the sounds, whether or not they actually were, sounded like they were added on after the fact.

I mean, the videos were well-made and well-edited, just not what I'd call "pleasurable."