Way More D&D on the Microsoft Surface

The last clip was a tease. But here we see lots more sample footage as some brave Carnegie Mellon students make D&D play on the Microsoft Surface. Don't you dare pretend you're too cool for this. [Surface Blog via Kotaku]




As I posted over on Kotaku, This looks incredible!

That said, it's not roleplaying. It is more of a hybrid of board game, video game, and D&D.

You can already see where players are getting bogged down in the semantics of the combat system, instead of laying to the strength of RPGs: Complete freedom and a GM who can make decisions on any action.

With this system, you are eliminating player creativity and role playing from the mix. Though I understand many players already play that way (come to think of it, the guys at Penny Arcade seem to treat it like a board game already)...

An example of gameplay you won't see with this product:

GM: You see 4 orcs approaching from the north. There is a large boulder in the clearing between you and them, as well as numerous trees.

P1: (Ranger) I climb into one of the trees to get a better vantage for shooting them, as well as for protection.

GM: OK, make a climb roll.

P2: (Fighter) I run towards the boulder, I want to vault over it and surprise attack them.

GM: You're not going to be able to run to the boulder, vault over it, and still be able to attack them.

P3: (Mage) I'll cast haste on the fighter to double up his movement and give him an extra partial action.

GM: OK, now you can take that action fighter. Count off your movement, and make an acrobatics roll once you get to the boulder to vault over.

P4: (Theif) I charge with the fighter, staying out of sight, but sounding the warhorn we took off those bandits to try and confuse the orcs into thinking there are more of us than they see...