Thank God for USB 3.0. I was getting really tired of staring at the progress bar for seconds (seconds!) while my shit transfers. WD just announced their first MyBook external drive with 3.0, and it looks great.


The MyBook 3.0 drive is available in either a 1TB or 2TB capacity, and in either a drive-only or a kit that includes a USB 3.0 card (since, you know, not very many people have one of those yet). They're surprisingly affordable, really—the 1TB drive is $180, and the kit adds another $20, while the 2TB drive's (and kit's) price has yet to be announced. Both drives are capable of getting 5Gb/s speeds, which is significantly faster than USB 2.0 (around 5-10 times faster). It's backwards compatible with USB 2.0, so no worries about attaching it to older hardware if need be. The 1TB drive is available now, and the 2TB should come later this month. [WD]

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