We Can't Stop Grinning At This Animation About A Delusional Stegosaurus

The rhyming animated short Wayne the Stegosaurus feels like a children's book come to life. This pea-brained dinosaur may be stupid, but he also leads an incredibly charming life.


Aran Quinn and Jeffrey Dates adapted Kenn Nesbitt's silly Stegosaurus poem and the results are delightful. Dates translated Quinn's illustrations into 3D, creating a 3D animated movie that still look handmade.

[via Everything Animated]



It's adorable, but without even looking up the names involved, I can sort of tell that this is an American visual adaptation of a British-written poem. The "Daily Mail" is a newspaper, not the other kind of mail, and that's clearly an American 'mailbox'. Just an observation, not a complaint!