Individually, these random, frustrating occurrences of everyday life arenā€™t enough to ruin your day. But when compiled into a short film thatā€™s aptly titled Life Is Pain, this collection of ā€˜first world problemsā€™ will undoubtedly leave you feeling frustrated as youā€™re reminded of lifeā€™s endless little annoyances.

In the grand scheme of things, complaining about your disposable chopsticks not breaking apart evenly seems childish, although Iā€™ve certainly downed a few plates of Pad Thai with a giant frown on my face after having to resort to using a fork. The cellophane tape thing, however, where it splits after youā€™ve spent five minutes trying to find the start of the strip? That totally justifies at least ten minutes of obscenities shouted at the roll.


[YouTube via Neatorama]