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We have reached peak Groot Crafts: This one was carved with a Chainsaw

Okay, fan made Groot paraphernalia - you are awesome, and we love you. But I think I might just love Griffon Ramsey's Groot craft the most, because holy crap she took a hunk of wood and gracefully hacked at it with a chainsaw until it became Groot.


Ramsey, an artist who primarily works through wood carving, decided to make the mahoosive wooden Groot after asking her twitter followers for suggestions on her next craft - and hoo boy, what a good choice they made. Ramsey's carving is amazingly well done, and her video detailing working on it doesn't just give us an insight into creating the piece, but a look at how she was inspired into becoming a wood carver in the first place. I mean, it helps that the end product looks so good as well:

Illustration for article titled We have reached peak Groot Crafts: This one was carved with a iChainsaw/i

D'aaw, that dopey smile. So cute! There's something even more awesome about it being a Groot made out of Wood too, just like the character. And wait, there's more: You can actually own it, too - Ramsey is selling the 13" X 14" X 43" sculpture on her website for $875. Totally awesome, totally worth it.

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