We Can Now Read About Ginny Weasley's Post-Hogwarts Career

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The epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows told us a little bit about Ginny Weasley's life after Hogwarts, but it didn't tell us whether this Gryffindor alum took a job. Now, The Daily Prophet dispatches show what Ginny has been up to in the wizarding world.


Over at her site Pottermore (which requires a login to read), Rowling has been releasing snippets from the fictional newspaper The Daily Prophet—specifically, dispatches from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. The byline? Ginny Potter.

So she didn't grow up to be an auror or a bureaucrat like some of her friends, but given how invested she was in Quidditch, it makes sense that Ginny became a sports reporter. I wonder if she covers more than the Quidditch beat, however. After all, there are other sorts of wizarding tournaments that come down to a great deal more than who catches the golden snitch.

Update: Commenter lena dunhams boobs points out that Rowling revealed that Ginny became the Senior Quidditch Correspondant after retiring from her professional Quidditch playing career in an interview some time back. It's just that now we can read her reports.

[Pottermore via NPR Books]



I know this is super-nerdy, but does anyone else have a tough time buying that the wizarding population of the UK can support only one school but an entire professional sports league? And YES I KNOW THERE ARE WIZARDS AND MAGIC IN THE BOOKS. Just sayin' is all.