Wearable Robot Suit Complete With Side Mounted Gun For Sale!

Normally when we show these cool robot things they're in the design phase, but this one is actually up for sale in Japan for $315,000!


The Land Walker was made by Masaaki Nagumo, measures 11 feet tall, weighs one ton, and sprays bullets from air guns mounted outside the cockpit. Unfortunately they're only sponge bullets, but I bet it'll still hurt like a bitch when you spray your friends with them. We can imagine the doofuses on the show Entourage buying four and riding these around their huge mansion.

Zipped [via TechEBlog via Tech Fresh via Born Rich via i4u]



Now I know who to call if I ever get attacked by big red space invaders.

All kidding aside, this this it more impressive than some of you are giving it credit for. A lot of the major work is done with the exception of being able to actually take a 'step.'

Of course the only person both rich and weird enough to buy this thing is.... hmm.... I'll let someone else finish that sentance.