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WebOS Goes Under the Knife

Illustration for article titled WebOS Goes Under the Knife

Who wants a leg? Who wants the Palm? WebOS is about to be carved up by HP as part of an internal move that will see parts of it—and the Palm group—heading to different areas within the company.


According to Palm Central and an internal HP memo, WebOS is going to be moved over the Office of Strategy and Technology, and will not be shuttered.

Furthermore, the doomed hardware division is apparently being taken under the wing Personal Systems Group (PSG).


All these moves and extractions are apparently designed with an eventual spin-off of the businesses in mind. Again, all rumors, and all emanating from HP, which has been undeniably murky about its plans for WebOS and its accompanying hardware. We already know those plans do not include a sale to Samsung. [Palm Central]

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how is this about gadgets?

Amazon should buy webOS and base its tablet efforts in it, is the only other force capable of doing something with it