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Gizmodo is looking to expand our weekend writing staff.

If you think that you may be interested in the job, remember that you will be abandoning family and friends alike to spend time indoors, while taking orders from a barely sane, half-illiterate writer with an inflated view of self-importance (me) for about 6 posts a day. Still interested?


Applicants must have an intense love for gadgets and a wide knowledge of electronics. And they must be able to write like the wind. Background in either electronics or journalism is a plus, but what you can do is more important than what you have done.

To apply*, please send ALL of the following to the tips adress on the side of this page:
- your resume
- a few GADGET writing samples
- a link or two of your favorite Giz posts with a quick line on why you like them.

*No attachments please. Label your email "Weekend Writer Applicant" with your name in the subject line. And do so by the end of Friday, June 22.

Because this job is burning a hole in our collective ePocket.


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