It's pretty well established that Weezer's first two albums were also Weezer's best two albums, and I'm not here to disagree. Whatever your personal favs are (COUGHCOUGH Undone, El Scorcho, Why Bother, No One Else COUGHCOUGH), those records are chock full o' great tunes. The rest? Maybe not so much, but "Ruling Me" is a diamond in the rough.

Off the band's surprisingly solid 2010 effort Hurley, "Ruling Me" harkens back to Weezer's heyday if not in all ways, then at least in some of the important ones. While it certainly lacks the sort of depth that you'll come across in some of the band's really prime material, "Ruling Me" is fantastically catchy and upbeat tune, with characteristic chugging guitars, a simple but perfectly hooky guitar solo and fantastically executed oooohaaaaahhhhoooooo backup vocals right where they belong. Sure, there's not much nutritional value here, but damned if it isn't a great snack.


So if your Weezer playlist is a decade out of date, I highly recommending you consider "Ruling Me" as a late addition. That, and of course, anything off Raditude. KIDDING. THATS A JOKE. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]

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