Weight Loss Sunglasses Make Your Food Look Gross so You Won't

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If diets have just never worked for you due to your lack of self-control and your love of all things buttery, maybe it's time for some stupider methods of weight loss. Enter the Weight Loss Sunglasses. Yep, these guys are tinted blue, the "least appetizing color of the spectrum," sure to make that ice cream sundae sitting in front of you look downright disgusting. For only $18.75, I don't know how you can say no. [Product Page via Book of Joe]


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@Derrick: For many people, it's not an issue of willpower, but of training — many people (myself included) simply have trouble finding the line between "hungry" and "not hungry", so they eat until they're full. Thus, one needs to train oneself on what a healthy portion is, and learn to trust their eyes — and, when all else fails, kitchen scales — instead of their gut.

Now, when you first start dieting, then willpower is a biggie. You're essentially dropping your food intake by a significant degree, and you are going to feel hungry (at least until you get used to it).

I'll agree, though, that these glasses are snake oil. Nice looking, but likely won't make a bit of difference in what or how much you eat. It's amazing how much useless (and sometimes dangerous — i.e. diet pills) crap exists to take advantage of fat people...