Weird Multimedia Players: "Very Special"

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This image was lost some time after publication.

While these devices don't have sexy names, Cartoon Network branding, or in some cases, any design point of origin at all, we are in love. First Cable Line's flagship model, the MPD-101A (seen above), is innovative, and great for children who should be learning about multimedia in places other than your private stash.


Plus, I thought it was hilarious when the PR lady said everyone at the company called their design "spacecrap" and then earnestly followed that up with, "it's very special".

But beneath its kiddie exterior, the MPD-101A is a mini multimedia computer. It supports USB 2.0/SD-cards to download pictures (JPEG/BMP), music (MP3/WMA) and video (MPEG 1, 2, 4) to its standard hard drive, which it plays back through standard video cables to any television display...perfect for the supported karaoke.

More notably, the 101A features GPS...almost uselessly since most children probably don't have any need for directions. But honestly, I think it just adds to the appeal. The "Multimedia Player" model line is an example of a company with a good/weird idea they are willing to execute, if only someone would place a bulk order.

And the best part: the MPD-101A could be sold to a retailer for $50-$60, meaning we could see something like this in our living rooms easily for $100 or less.

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.


uh, walmart doesn't correct photos. I have run a pro lab and seen many a film roll printed on auto at walmart/longs/drugstore/costco. I have had people swear to me that there is something wrong with their camera until I had their roll reprinted through us.

Also films white balance is set at daylight. That means that indoors in this situation the color would have been WORSE not better. In order to correct for the color cast they would have had to use an unwieldy color correction filter which cut down on light so much they wouldn't have been able to get an exposure or a flash, which would have made the pictures look even worse. Ignorance is bliss "I miss film because I took a class in college and think that I'm being original". Try shooting film professionally for years and then switching to digital. It's a tough transition but one that can be made with effort and one that serves the immediacy of the web so well that a return to film would send blogging technology back 15 years to BBS.