Well, They're Cheaper Than the Real Thing, I Guess

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Over in South Korea, an art exhibition with a twist has opened, allowing people to get up close to Van Goghs, Monets and Millets for the first time. If you call Samsung TVs displaying the artwork an "exhibition," anyway. [AkiNews]

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I think this is a great idea. It's very unlikely that these works would ever be loaned out by the museums that hold them. This allows the people of Seoul to see these works without having to travel the globe.

Additional information about the paintings being presented in this manner could make it more informative.

People who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to a wide range of paintings might go along to see, say, Van Gogh's Starry Night, and find something else they like.

This is good for the Seoul Art Centre, it's good for the people of Seoul, it's good for Samsung, and it's good for art.

I'm going to ask my local museum if they'll consider doing something similar.