We're Liveblogging Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event Right Here

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Now that we’ve had time to recover from last fall’s never-ending stream of Apple events, it’s time to get ready for... another Apple event! Today’s Spring Loaded event kicks off at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, and as always you can catch the livestream at its event page. If you’re looking for other ways to watch, don’t worry—we got you covered.


A lot is up in the air as to what Apple might unveil today, but the one thing leakers, analysts, and tech journalists seem to agree on is this: iPads. As for which iPads, it’s most likely we’ll see new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros—and the latter will likely sport a nifty Mini LED display. The timing is also ripe for AirTags. In the last few weeks, Apple’s been dropping hints left and right that these much-anticipated Bluetooth trackers are finally ready to launch. There’s also been plenty of murmurs around new Apple Silicon-powered iMacs, which would be the first redesign for these babies in nine years. A new Apple TV, AirPods 3, and apparently, a subscription podcast service might also be in the cards. As much as we’d love it if Apple got in on high-tech vaping for 4/20, I regret to inform you it’s not happening. (Though we can direct you to some cool gadgets with which to blaze it.)

Live, in-person events aren’t back yet, so like last year, today’s Spring Loaded event will be virtual. And if last year’s events were any indication, that means we’re likely going to see products launching at a fast clip. It’s cool. Relax. The dream team of myself, my partner in crime Catie Keck, and our EIC John Biggs will be manning the liveblog, while the rest of Gizmodo’s consumer tech crew brings you deep cuts into everything we’ll be seeing today.

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