Were You Disappointed By the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

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So, following last night's Samsung announcement, it's fair to say that we're a little underwhelmed. While we're reserving final judgement until we review it properly, the new Galaxy S IV doesn't seem to be quite the super phone we were expecting. Our very own Brent Rose explains:

[A]lready the S IV feels like a missed opportunity for Samsung, a company that had an inarguable lead over the rest of the Android pack and a chance to close the door. Instead, it's invited HTC, LG, and others right on in to take a run at the crown.


But it's not just for us to have opinions. What do you think about the new S IV? Disappointed? Or thinking about buying one as soon as possible?



My question to everyone who's complaining about the plastic material Samsung uses is how do you feel about the aluminum phones (iPhone and HTC One) once you've dropped it and it becomes scuffed and possibly dented? If you put a case on it to prevent such things... what's the point of even caring?

I'm pretty much married to the Nexus line of phones so it doesn't really matter to me, but if the HTC One came in vanilla android, I'd be all over it. No... I don't want to root and ROM it. Been doing that since the OG Droid.