What 2016 Would Look Like as a Horror Film

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This year has been pretty fucking horrifying. Dozens of our favorite celebrities died; a gorilla was shot dead in front of children at the zoo; and a former professional wrestling star was elected president.

If all of this sounds like the worst nightmare ever, you’re completely right. That’s why it makes perfect sense that 2016 should be made into a horror film. The YouTube channel Friend Dog Studios had that thought in mind when published a fictional movie trailer based on the year’s events. It looks almost as terrifying as living through the real thing and leaves room for the ultimate plot twist—things could get so much worse in next year’s sequel.

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Not to be cynical, but am I the only one that thinks 2017 can be equally as shitty and nothing like a calendar change is going to change that. I’m just imagining on 12/31/16 someone goes, “Man, what a shitty year.” and 2017 responds in turn with, “Hold my beer.”