What Crazy Gadgets Will Be Made With Corning's New Flexible Glass?

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Corning, the venerable creator of Gorilla Glass, is making a big deal showing off its latest creation. Meet Corning Willow Glass—the ultra-thin, flexible glass that bends and rolls like plastic.


Willow Glass is only 100 microns thick and designed to work with electronics like touch sensors. It's pretty clear based on the information Corning provides that the new glass is aimed at displays for tablets, phones, and computers. OK, so maybe a rollable iPad isn't in the works, but the glass will enable new types of designs like devices with screens "wrapped" around them. The glass could be used to make curved OLED or LCD displays, for example, making for a more immersive viewing experience. The company is also exploring using the glass for flexible solar cells and lighting. Samples of Willow Glass are currently shipping to manufacturers—let's see what coolness they make out of it. [Corning via Engadget]