What Dyson Does With All Those Unsold Bladeless Fans

Maybe moving $300 fans is harder than Dyson expected, or perhaps Dyson's engineers are just flat out of things to do. Either way, this Rube Goldberg-ian balloon course, made from God knows how many Air Multiplier bladeless fans, is mesmerizing.

Dyson's official explanation:

Dyson engineers were asked to show how inducement and entrainment of air works on the Air Multiplier fan. If you watch closely, the balloon is sucked from behind and to the side of the fan this is inducement and entrainment at work.

Lots of experimentation with different sized balloons and other objects produced this video. And although edited to include our successful attempts, the video is made from completely genuine footage (and no, the balloon isnt attached to anything).


And so we've found a lasting use for the Air Multiplier: As an interactive exhibit in a science museum. Throw in a smoke machine next time. [Techland]

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That's actually really cool. However, the price is still too high for those fans. The only way the price could be justified is if the impeller is made of machined Aluminium or something. However I reckon the impeller in that fan is merely made of injection mold plastic since it doesn't operate at high RPM.

As for how these fans work, you can see a similar effect by sticking a garden hose in a swimming pool. The jet of high speed water coming out of the hose actually causes water already in the pool to move with the water emitted from the hose. It's an ingenious practical application of a phenomenon of fluid dynamics.