What Happens to John Mayer's Twitter Account Now?

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John Mayer just quit Twitter. Check for yourself. And right after he recently came back to it! So...uh...what happens to his Twitter account?

When asked for clarification, a Twitter spokesperson just pointed us to this page. It's more for people who want to know how to delete their accounts, less about Mayer and his 3.7 million followers. But, there are still things we can glean from the support page.

First, the big question. Can I, or you, or some other bozo go and register with username johncmayer when his profile has been cleared out of Twitter's system—a process that takes up to 30 days? Answer: It depends. If Mayer had changed his profile name to MayorofMayer, it means he is free to sign up again for that username in the future. It's not clear if you can sign up for it.


So when he's done with his new album, Mayer can come back to Twitter. But what he can't do, theoretically, is get his profile back, intact, with all his millions of followers. That is, unless Twitter decides to make a special exception for Mayer, which, in their own interests, they should really do. Very few people can amass 3.7 million followers, and Twitter likes having them as informal ambassadors of the service.

In short, no, you probably can't sign squat Mayer's account and imitate him to pick up the ladies.