What Happens When You Blast a Flamethrower With a Freeze-Ray

Using liquid nitrogen inside a thermos with a tube sticking out of it, YouTube’s TheBackyardScientist created a crude home-made freeze ray. To see what it was really capable of, and to answer a question that has been puzzling comic book fans for years, he then blasted it at a flamethrower to see which simulated superpower would win out.


If you had to choose which X-Men power you’d want in real life, it turns out Iceman’s freezing abilities wouldn’t be a bad choice because in this experiment the home-made freeze-ray eventually extinguished the flamethrower—but we’d still take Wolverine’s retractable claws.



Farquest de Jamal

What a moron, for a few reasons.

1) Liquid nitrogen boils at room temperature becoming -guess what- 100% gaseous nitrogen. Nitrogen doesn’t burn. In fact, reducing the oxygen level from ambient 21% down to about 17% is enough to extinguish any flame (except when the combustion process itself produced its own oxygen).

2) People need oxygen too. Blowing it over someone can, without the right safety protocols, knock them out.

3) Liquid nitrogen is VERY cold, cold enough to cause nasty burns. That’s why dermatologists use it to destroy skin lesions. That’s also why people who use it need training in handling it. It’s nasty stuff.

4) He invented something that had been around for years. It’s known as a cryogun and is commercially available, but WITH a trigger and a safety pressure valve. http://ebay.to/2aQJilP