What Happens When You Fossilize a Pheasant In Four Months

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Whether in the name of science, art, or sheer morbidity, Austin Houldsworth's determination to fossilize a pheasant and a pineapple got results. Although if Houldsworth's goal is eventually to fossilize humans, I hope we turn out better than the bird:

The project, called 2 Million & 1AD, involved placing the bird and the fruit in separate "Fossilization Machines" designed to speed the petrification. While the pineapple turned to compost, the pheasant came out pretty well preserved, albeit decapitated.

There are apparently no petrified homo sapien remains on the fossil record, which Houldsworth hopes someday to correct. Although based on his results so far, I'll take cryogenics or mummification any day of the week. [We Make Money Not Art]