What happens when your best friend catches you trying to kill yourself

There’s a lot of things to consider when you commit suicide. How you’ll do it, what you’ll write in the note, who you have to consider, and so on. It’s a logistical nightmare! And things will get worse once your best friends catch wind of your plan too because they’ll hilariously blow holes and expose embarrassing gaps of logic in your silly plan.

The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright is a short film directed by Tim Hautekiet. It shows what happens when a girl stumbles upon her best friend attempting suicide and the hilarious hijinks and dark humor that follows. It’s funny and cute and well-written and powerful all at once.


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Kenhe Login

Suicide = not funny.

I pulled a family member’s head from a noose when I was 10. Saved their life. I was probably in my mid 20s before I could watch the MASH movie.