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What Harm Could Possibly Befall Someone Wearing a Bubble Wrap Suit?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If bubble wrap is good enough to protect that ceramic frog you bought on eBay as it's shipped from Taiwan, surely a suit made from the same material would give mere mortals invincibility, right? At the least, Vat19's $15 blazer and pants set made from bubble wrap would provide a decent buffer from the other commuters banging against you on a crowded subway train.


In other words, surviving a few rounds with a heavyweight boxer while wearing this suit just isn't going to happen. But it will make you impervious to long drawn-out meetings or boring conference calls. There's enough poppable plastic bubbles here to keep you mildly entertained for at least a few hours. And that would easily be worth twice what Vat19 is asking for this getup. [Vat19]