What If Siri Really, Really Hates Her Job?

What if Siri were actually a being with thoughts and feelings—and a growing sense of frustration every time someone says something moronic into their iPhone? This short animation goes inside your phone to show what Siri really thinks about us and her role as a computerized servant.


Yonatan Tal made The Voice (Siri) for CalArts and Gobelins' 48 Hour Films, meaning that, yes, this short was made in just a weekend. The theme this year was "Robots" so there are tons more robot-themed films by CalArts and Gobelins students on Vimeo.

Also, we dig that Siri's dream man is Joaquin Phoenix's character in Her.

[via Rob Munday]



I just asked Alexa if she was friends with Siri and she said that Siri is great but she is different.