What Is This?

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What in the name of every single goddamn fruitbat is this? Did someone create a cybernetic Dune sandworm and equip it with anti-gravity engines? I wish. In reality, it's the Sanswire-TAO STS-111, a new kind of airship.

The Sanswire-TAO STS-111 is a 111-foot long, 11-foot tall multi-segmented, non-rigid airship. The design of this ultralight UAV—Unmanned Air Vehicle—allows it to fly on its own for extremely long period of times. It uses gas-cell power for propulsion and electricity generation.


Why do we want these air worms? They will be able to provide people on the ground with communication networks, and also serve as terrain vigilantes. Because that's what we want up there: Giant worms watching over us. Preferably ones that can spew acid, and have laser cannons. [Sanswire via Flight Global]