So, Jason Chen is obsessed with 24. And he makes sure all of you know it with a lot of related posts. I usually pass on the show, but I never miss Heroes every Monday night. And to commemorate my love for this show, here is a breakdown of what laptops some of our heroes would use, if they had to on the show, as compiled by the folks at PC Mag.

Isaac Mendez - He's an artist, and what's an artist without his Mac? He may be broke, but I'm betting his rich ex-girlfriend could have been talked into getting him a nice, midrange MacBook with a Wacom tablet to do some of his initial sketches on.


Hiro Nakamura - Hiro needs a powerful laptop that's only available in Japan and reflects his family's wealth and high standing. Enter the Sony Vaio Z93 with its carbon-fiber casing. Never mind the high price - he may be a cubicle worker, but daddy bought this one.

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Laptops for NBC's "Heroes" [Gearlog]